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Certified Associate of Project Management (CAPM) & Prince2 qualified Production/Project Manager with over 25 years Television Industry Experience

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Personal Statement

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“The only way to do great work is to love what you do” – Steve Jobs 

An experienced Production Manager (PMA) with the skills and abilities to make a positive difference. CAPM and Prince2 qualified with Covid certification. Trained as a Floor Manager and 1st Assistant Director with a spell of Location Producing thrown in for good measure. Experienced in managing both small and large productions delivering high quality broadcast material while observing budget and schedule restraints. Credits include, entertainment, fixed rig, quiz, factual, reality, talent led, studio, location, live and recorded productions. 

Strengths lie in people management, collaboration and negotiation with the ability to develop and motivate the production team. Ability to keep the project on the critical path, maintaining editorial objectives and always aiming to deliver a “win win” scenario for all stakeholders while focusing on the project objectives. Past productions have benefited from my reliability, focus, passion and dry sense of humor brought to every project while respecting colleague views and values. Promoting and developing  teamwork to create good production moral and productivity.

When not working on the "current" project I like to  keep up to date with current affairs, the current pandemic scenarios and the media Industry through theatre, film, when permitted, and television. Hobbies include  the world of rugby union, being a former Sevenoaks player, a current Northampton Saints fan and past witness to England winning the 2003 world cup, while based in Sydney Australia.

Other abilities include quick-thinking and operating under considerable pressure while appreciating the bigger picture while being focused and effective. 

Please visit web site, to view my profile, full credit listing and updated CV or call the mobile, 07836 738368, if you would like to discuss a particular project over a coffee or Zoom.



One of three boys, Andy and his twin Michael were born at St Teresa’s hospital, Wimbledon in the early 60s, Robin his younger brother was born just 11 months later. Following several months based in Colchester the young Kelk family then  relocated to Cambridge, a stones throw away from Brunswick Primary school which all three brothers attended and became enthusiastic members of the 26th Cambridge cub pack.

Mum (Brenda) ran a nursery from  the family house (The Willows)  while Dad (Chris) built up their theatre lighting business. In 1970 the kelk family relocated to “Willingham”, a village 8miles north of Cambridge due to the “Willows being compulsorily purchased, demolished and redeveloped.  The family then relocated again three years later to the next door village “Rampton” providing much needed space for both the business and growing family. While living in “Rampton” all three boys attended Cottenham Village College between 1973 – 1979.

Andy continued his education and developed his interest in the Arts further by attending Hills Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge where he took full advantage of their purpose built theatre complex. Following his time in higher education Andy then benefited from  gaining just one of 16 available Stage Management Diploma places at London University, Central School of Speech and Drama in 1980.

Further to gaining his Diploma in 1982 and working as a Stage Manager on several theatre productions in the suburbs,  Andy was employed by Thames Television in Teddington, Middlesex as a Floor Assistant working on a wide variety of productions ranging from : Mike Yarwood, Des O’Connor and Benny Hill to Name that Tune, The Bill, The secret diary’s of Adrian Mole and Rainbow.

However, in order for Andy to move up the production ladder he made the move to LWT as a Assistant Floor Manager in 1987 where he worked on many of their “stable” shows including : Blind Date, Michael Aspel, Beadle, Agatha Chrities’s Poirot, Walden, Barrymore and many sport Productions. Andy was made up to Floor Manager in 1988 and senior Floor Manager in 1990 where he took responsibility for running The Royal Variety Performance, Audience with the Bee Gees, Kylie Minogue and many others in the series, Saturday night Live, Hale and Pace, Gladiators, The Big Stage with Jonathan Ross and many more.

It was during this period at LWT that Andy got invited to work with the in-house factual department on their True Crimes and Strange but true series. This new avenue of work introduced Andy to the role of Assistant Director and Production Manager and led him to work on London’s Burning and Dark Ages which he found fulfilled his creative “bent” while at the same time allowing him to demonstrate his logistic and organisational skills.

This very productive period of Andy’s career began a long and happy relationship with LWT factual department which culminated in 2001 when he was asked to be the Location Producer of the initial “I'm a celebrity – Get me out of here!” production. Andy contributed his experience from the outset and became a key member of the project team developing  & molding the series into the success it remains today.

Andy has always appreciated the opportunity to travel and work abroad while working and was delighted to be involved with the filming of “Survivor” in Borneo, Re-born in the USA in the states, TV Sports Quiz series filmed in Nigeria and I’m a Celebrity – Get me out of here! in Australia.

In 1992 Andy took the offer of the redundancy package and went freelance and has continued to work for many production companies and broadcasters ever since.  Andy’s CV continues to grow while he works on both small and large team projects, gaining many transferable skills and welcomes the opportunity to discuss other projects in the future.

Andy is always looking for ways to enhance his own development to create a “win win” scenario or all concerned and it is to this end that Andy undertook the successful study of the Prince2 and CAPM Project Manager qualifications during 2016/17 adding to his transferable skills.


K6LKS Property Ltd

K6LKS PROPERTY continues to take an interest in renovating Kent based projects having completed the successful purchase negotiation, renovation and subsequent sale of South East based property.

KPL benefits from many transferable skills gained from working in the media industry over many years. The ability to schedule, budget, negotiate, communicate and project manage at all levels allows the team to progress positively.  

Going forward, the aim is to build up a portfolio of properties either to  “flip” in the short term to raise sufficient cash flow or rent out to achieve a passive income long term.

Covid has certainly tried its best to slow down the property portfolio journey this year but the ambition still remains and continues brick by brick. 

K6LKS PROPERTY welcomes the opportunity to discuss future projects with interested parties and looks forward to exploring all avenues.   

Creating Swans from Ugly ducklings is the challenge and we look forward  to meeting them head on. 


Credit History


Production Manager "Inside the Worlds Toughest Forces" WT (Colombia) 1 x 60′ for Emporium / Netflix


Production Manager “Emergency Vets" WT 10 x 30′ for Twentysix03 and BBC1 Daytime


Production Manager “Loggerheads” 6 x 30′ for Mighty and BBC Scotland


Production Manager “Sarah Beeny’s Renovate Dont Relocate” 18 x 40′ for Discovery and Outline


Production Manager “Akram MMA ” – Channel 4 1 x 60′ doc for Swan Films (Initial Prep)


Production Manager “My Famous Babysitter” – UKTV 4 x 60′ Fixed Rig series – Swan Films


Production Manager Great House Giveaway - Channel 4 23x 60′- Chwarel


Career Break : Successfully studied and gained Prince2 and CAPM qualification.


Project Manager: KPL – Limited Company set up


Production Manager: Billy Connolly High Horse Tour -DVD – Indigo Television


Production Manager: Suddenly Royal–Reality/Ent series shot on Isle of Man-Discovery


Production Manager: live, documentary and Studio productions for Twofour54 Abu Dhabi


Production Manager: Premier League Web Site – IMG / Premier League 


Production Manager: Gold Rush live Special– /Planning/Negotiation – Discovery/Raw


Production Manager: Antiques Road Trip- location Reality/FactEnt series – STV /BBC


Production Manager: Little Howard’s Big Question- Animation/Live action series- CBBC


Production Manager: Capstone Sports Quiz TV series – shot in Lagos, Nigeria for ATV


Production Manager: Various Productions throughout the year


Production Manager: Make my body Younger - Reality/Edu series – BBC 3


Production Manager: Are you Smarter than a ten year old? Quiz series – Sky One


Production Manager: Various Productions throughout the year


Production Manager: Various Productions throughout the year


Location Producer: Reborn in the USA – Location Reality/Ent series – ITV


Location Producer: I’m a Celebrity – Get me out of here! – LWT/ITV


1st Assistant Director : Survivor – Location Reality series – Planet 24


Senior Floor Manager – Gladiators series 8 of 8 – LWT/ITV


Production Manager for Dark Ages – Location /Studio Sit Com Series 5 x 30’


Production Manager for the Sunday Night series of 14 x 30’ : LWT


Senior Floor Manager for the Prince’s Trust: Carlton Television


Senior Floor Manager for An Audience with the Bee-Gees: LWT


Senior Floor Manager for Clive James on TV:6 x 30’ Watchmaker Productions


Senior Floor Manager for 7th series of Gladiators: LWT


Senior Floor Manager for The Royal Tournament : LWT


1st AD on two commercials shot in Bosnia for Pathfinder Productions

1997 / 98

Production Manager: Holding the Baby series 2- Sit Com Series for Granada


Senior Floor Manager: The Royal Variety Performance for LWT


First Assistant Director: One in a Million – Shot in America for LWT


Senior Floor Manager: Gladiators for LWT


Senior Floor Manager: The Big Big Talent Show for LWT


Senior Floor Manager: An Audience with Ronnie Corbett for LWT


Senior Floor Manager: An Audience with Freddie Starr for LWT


1st Assistant Director: Strange but True – reconstruction series for LWT

1996 / 97

Production Manager for Holding the Baby series 1 – Sit Com 6 x 30’ for Granada

Previous credits also include

but are not limited to: Gold Rush: Live One Hour pre season Production Manager (subsequently cancelled)

Guppy: One hour drama special 1st Assistant Director LWT

Hale and Pace: Comedy series 1st AD on location / SFM in Studio LWT

Barrymore - Comedy Series Senior Floor Manager LWT

The Big Breakfast: Morning TV Senior Floor Manager PLANET 24

Agatha Christies Poirot: period drama 3rd Assistant Director LWT

Sunday Night at the London Palladium Senior Floor Manager LWT

Saturday Night Live Senior Floor Manager LWT

Hotel Babylon: Late music show Senior Floor Manager PLANET 24

The Secret Diary’s of Adrian Mole 3rd Assistant Director THAMES

Mr Right: live Transmission Production Manager LWT

Gladiators in Australia Unit manager LWT

Blind Date Senior Floor Manager LWT

The two of us: 6 x 30′ Assistant Floor Manager LWT

An Audience with Shirley Bassey Senior Floor Manager LWT

The Krypton Factor: people quiz show Senior Floor Manager GRANADA

Rainbow: Children’s television Senior Floor Manager THAMES

Button Moon: Children’s television Senior Floor Manager THAMES

Chocky’s Children: Drama 3rd Assistant Director THAMES

Name that Tune : Quiz Show Assistant Floor Manager THAMES

Up the Elephant- Round the Castle Assistant Floor Manager THAMES

Bust: light drama 3rd Assistant Director LWT

This is Your Life Assistant Floor Manager THAMES Des O’ Connor Assistant Floor Manager THAMES

Beadle Senior Floor Manager LWT

This Morning Unit Manager GRANADA

Mike Yarwood Assistant Floor Manager THAMES

Benny Hill Assistant Floor Manager THAMES

The MTV Awards Senior Floor Manager MTV

Sky Star Search Senior Floor Manager LWT

Strike it Lucky Senior Floor Manager THAMES



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